Tree Removal - Treading Lightly

Our goal at Connecticut Tree Care is to improve the health and well-being of the trees on your property but there are times when trees need to be removed. When removing trees we take the utmost care to protect your lawn, home and surrounding properties from damage. Additionally, we offer customers unique ways to recycle their tree wood. 

Primary reasons for tree removal include improper pruning, untreated insect infestation, significant storm damage, and cracking as a result of lack of proper cabling/bracing. Apart from these factors, removals are also performed to allow more desirable trees on your property to flourish. Removals are completed either by one of our professional tree climbers or with our 65' bucket truck.

Connecticut Tree Care's specialty is climbing trees. We are known for our experienced, professional climbers. Tree climbing is an art as well as a science and is important when working with removals in tight spaces or when the use of a bucket truck would cause damage to your lawn or property. 

Whether tree removal takes place with a bucket truck or a tree climber, our minimally invasive or "tread lightly" philosophy requires us to go the extra mile in order to insure your lawn looks as good as it did when we arrived. Rigging techniques are used for this purpose, ensuring that large wood comes down in a smooth and controlled manner. In addition, we may lay down high grade "trex" mats for our trucks in order to avoid indentation on your lawn.  In the rare case that divots occur, they are promptly repaired, filled, and seeded.

At Connecticut Tree Care, we work with homeowners to recycle wood in a variety of different ways. Homeowners are given the opportunity to keep their wood in the form of hardwood or wood chips. We cut burnable hard wood into firewood length and provide wood chips free of charge. We will even go the extra mile and deliver wood chips to friends or family in the neighborhood. Any wood that is not retained for owner's use is recycled and turned into mulch. We are always interested in finding other, creative ways to recycle wood and have even made log benches at a customer's request.

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